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Receive Payment

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Overview- Payments can be received from many parts of the program, from the contact record, an invoice or the customer menu section in the accounting module.

Added By- Computer generated-Shows who created the record.

Created- Computer generated - shows when the record was created.

Update- Computer generated - shows when the record was last altered.

Contact Button- Click here to open contact selection list.

Unallocated- Displays any balance or credit amount that has not been applied to or from a specific invoice.

Amount- Enter the amount of the payment you wish to make.

Auto Apply- If no amount is entered in the payment amount field, auto apply will fill it with the customer balance amount and automatically apply full payment to
each of the invoices listed. If you enter an amount first, clicking Auto Apply will apply the amount to any invoice on the list that is an exact match. If no match is found it will then apply the amount to the oldest invoices. If the payment exceeds the customer balance a credit will be created.

Credit - Displays any credit amount the customer has.

Apply Credit- Applies credit to open invoices.

Payment Date- Enter the date of the payment.

Payment method- Select the method of payment.

Check/Card Number- Enter a check or card number if appropriate.

Payment Item Grid- Displays a list of this customers outstanding invoices and the amounts due. Manually enter the payments and/or credits to be applied to each invoice, or use auto apply.

Memo- Enter notes about this transaction.

Payment- Displays the total amount of the payment being processed.

Balance- Displays the total of all invoices due by the selected customer.

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