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Purchase Order

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Overview- The purchase order form can be used to order products from your suppliers. ACESoft Business Manager has simplified this process so that you can use barcode scanning to select items to order and with two mouse clicks turn the PO into a bill.


  • Export- Export the form as an html file.
  • Email Options- Set options for emailing this form.
  • Email- Email this form.
  • Page Setup- Set the print options for this form.
  • Print Preview- Preview the form as it will appear printed.
  • Print- Print the form to a connected printer.
  • Bill- Create a Bill based on this Purchase Order.
  • Receive Items- Receive products based on this Purchase Order.
Order Date- User selectable date.

Number- PO number generated by the program when the Purchase Order is saved.

Status- Indicates whether the items ordered have been received.

Added By- Computer generated - shows who created the record.
Created- Computer generated - shows when the record was created.

Update- Computer generated - shows when the record was last altered.

Vendor Selection Button- Opens the vendor selection list.

Vendor Display window- Displays the selected vendor.

Address Selection Button- Opens an address selection list from which you can select a ship to address.

Contact Selection Button- Opens the contact selection dialog.

Tracking #- Enter your shipper tracking information for reference.

Freight Charge- Enter shipping charges here.

Required by- Select this box to enter a required by date. Generate a report to show a list of Purchase Orders sorted by this field.

Terms- Enter purchase order terms from your previously created terms, or right click on the down arrow to add or edit terms.

Ordered By- Select from your employee list.

Shipped- Enter the date shipped.

Ship Via- select from your list of shippers.

FOB- Designate freight on board terms.

Product Selection Button- Opens product selection dialog.

Remove Button- Removes Highlighted item from the grid.

Line Item Grid- Displays selected items as well as computed sub totals for each line. Quantity, price, discount and taxable status can be changed. Note that the quantity is auto filled based on order quantity entered in the corresponding Inventory product dialog.

Notes- Type notes here that will print on the Purchase Order.

Tax - This advanced feature enables you to have a variety of tax rates that apply to different regions or locations. You can manually select a different tax rate, or you can set up tax rates to change automatically based on the postal code.

Totals Window- Displays the all the subtotals from the Purchase Order and computes a grand total.

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