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Overview- Project management. Select category and provider, as well as procedures and products that accompany the Project. For detailed notes and attachments click on the attachments tab. When you have completed the project record, it may be saved and an invoice generated by using the Auto Invoice button.

Added By- Computer generated - shows who created the record.

Created- Computer generated - shows when the record was created.

Update- Computer generated - shows when record was last altered.

Start Date- The date the project began.

Target Date- Target date for project completion.

Description- A brief description of the project.

Objective- The overall project objective.

Category- The category this project falls under.

Progress- The estimated progress made toward completion.

Time to Completion- Estimate of time remaining for Project completion.

Overview - Summarization and additional notes regarding the Project.

Add Reminder- Add a reminder to this Project.

Reminders- Displays a list of associated reminders.
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