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Overview- Project management. Select category and provider, as well as procedures and products that accompany the Task. For detailed notes and attachments click on the attachments tab.


  • Email Options- Set options for emailing this form.
  • Email- Email this form.
  • Page Setup- Set the print options for this form.
  • Print Preview- Preview the form as it will appear printed.
  • Print- Print the form to a connected printer.
  • Invoice- Create an Invoice based on this record.
Added By- Computer generated - shows who created the record.

Created- Computer generated - shows when the record was created.

Update- Computer generated - shows when record was last altered.

Contact, Provider- Use the lookup button to locate and select.

Initial and Completed Dates- Select appropriate dates for your records.

Invoice- This will be added by the system when an invoice has been generated.

Status- Select the status of this record. Selecting closed locks the record from further editing.

Category- Task category. To add a new category, right click the down arrow to add or edit.

Procedure Selection Button- Opens the procedure selection list.

Remove- Removes Highlighted items from the list.

Procedure Display window- Displays selected procedures for this task. If the procedure contains products that have been designated as manual quantity entry these products are displayed here as well.

Add Reminder Button- Add a reminder for this task.

Reminders- View associated reminders.

Product Selection- Opens the product selection list.

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