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Overview- Prepare invoices for customers.


  • Export- Export the form as an html file.
  • Email Options- Set options for emailing this form.
  • Email- Email this form.
  • Page Setup- Set the print options for this form.
  • Print Preview- Preview the form as it will appear printed.
  • Print- Print the form to a connected printer.
  • Pick List Button- Opens an inventory selection list from various inventory sites to fullfill this order.
  • Receive Payment Button- Opens a receive payment dialog showing the customer's unpaid invoices. This allows for payment to be processed on the fly.
Type - Allows you to have various types of invoices for filter and reporting. Right click on down arrow to add or edit categories.

Number- Invoice number generated by the program when invoice is saved.

Printed- Indicates and lets the user select whether or not the invoice has been printed.

Order Date- Date order was placed.

Status- Indicates whether the invoice has been paid.

Added By- Computer generated- shows who created the record.

Created- Computer generated - shows when the record was created.

Update- Computer generated - shows when the record was last altered.

Bill To- Displays the selected customer name and mailing address.

Customer Select button- Opens the customer selection dialog.

Address Selection button- Opens an address selection list for this customer.

Ship Same as Billing- Populates the ship to box with same information that is in the Bill To box.

Ship to- Displays ship to information for the invoice.

Tracking #- Enter your shipper tracking information for reference.

Freight Charge- Enter shipping charges here.

Required by- Select this box to enter a required by date.

PO Number- Enter your customer Purchase Order number for reference.

Terms- Enter Invoice terms from your previously created terms, or right click on the down arrow to add or edit terms.

Sold By- Select a salesperson from your employee list.

Shipped- Enter the date shipped.

Ship Via- select from your list of shippers.

FOB- Designate freight on board terms.

Subject Selection button- Select from a list of subjects.

Procedure Selection Button - Opens procedure selection dialog.

Product Selection button- Opens product selection dialog.

Remove button- Removes Highlighted item from the grid.

Line Item Grid- Displays selected item as well as computed sub totals for each line. Allows quantity, price, discount and taxable status editing.

Notes - Enter notes to be included with the invoice.

Due - Displays the amount due on the invoice. This value will change as payments are applied.

Tax - This advanced feature enables you to have a variety of tax rates that apply to different regions or locations. You can manually select a different tax rate, or you can set up tax rates to change automatically based on the customer postal code.

Totals window- Displays the subtotals from the invoice and computes a grand total.

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