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Overview- Accounts categorize and track your your sources of income, various cost types and expenses. Different types of accounts can be created along with an associated register that corresponds with each account. Transactions are logged in the registers to provide you with accurate accounting information. For example, you set up an income account and assign a particular product to that account. Each time you complete a sale of that item it is logged to that income account register and a running balance is maintained.

Added By- Computer generated-Shows who created the record.

Created- Computer generated - shows when the record was created.

Update- Computer generated - shows when the record was last altered.

Title- Name of the account.

Description- Add a more detailed description to the account.

Number- Enter a number by which you would like to identify this account.

Type- Select an account type from the list.

Balance- Enter a beginning balance or see the account balance displayed.

Calculate Balance- Push a button to recalculate the account balance on the fly.

Classification- Enter the class of this account.
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